Pack ice near James Ross Island, Erebus and Terror Gulf.Emperor penguin with chick.Pack ice near James Ross Island, Erebus and Terror Gulf.Emperor penguin.Emperor penguins with chick.Emperor penguin chicks.Emperor penguin with chick.Emperor penguin colony at Snow Hill Island.Sunset over Cockburn Island, Erebus and Terror Gulf.Emperor penguin in blowing snow.Adelie penguins leaping into the ocean.Adelie penguin.Chinstrap penguins nesting in late season snow.Paradise Bay.Young female Antarctic fur seal, South Georgia.Paradise Bay.King penguin in surf, South Georgia.Southern elephant seal, St. Andrews Bay, South Georgia.King penguins, St. Andrews Bay, South Georgia.Southern elephant seals, St. Andrews Bay, South Georgia.King penguin pair courting, St. Andrews Bay, South Georgia.King penguin colony at St. Andrew's Bay, South Georgia.King penguin chick begging for food from adult, St. Andrews Bay, South Georgia.Chaines used to pull whales up flensing pan, and whaler's church, Grytviken, South Georgia.Ice on shore and the Weddell Glacier, Gold Harbor, South Georgia.Macaroni penguins and heavy surf, Royal Bay, South Georgia.Iceberg.Adelie penguin and chick, Paulet Island.Lenticular clouds above mountains near Drygalski Fjord, South Georgia.Ice on shore, South Shetlands.Early morning storm in the Gerlache Strait.Gentoo penguin and chick at nest site.Iceberg.Lenticular clouds, near Hercules Bay, South Georgia.Gentoo penguin and chicks at nest site.Iceberg.Weddell seal on rocky islet.Whale skeleton, Port Lockroy.Chinstrap penguin.Iceberg.Leopard seal.Godthul, South Georgia.Gentoo penguins, South Georgia.Chinstrap penguin doing King penguins on the beach at Salisbury Plain, South Georgia.Lenticular clouds near Hercules Bay, South Georgia.Male southern elephant seal.Icebergs in Andvord Bay.Old whaling boats at Godthul, South Georgia.Molting king penguins descending rocky hillside, Rosita Harbor, South Georgia.King penguins, South Georgia.Male southern elephant seal and king penguin colony, Salisbury Plain, South Georgia.Adelie penguin picking up pebble for nest, Brown Bluff.Iceberg.Chinstrap penguins on Hydrurga Rocks.Icebergs..Rocks at Brown Bluff.Glaciers and mountain peaks in Andvord Bay.Neko Harbor in early morning.Iceberg.Old dory boat on shore at Whalers Bay, Deception Island.Weddell seal and kelp gulls near Pleneau Island.Iceberg.Nowegian whaler's grave, Deception Island.