Bright color in La Boca district of Buenos Aires, Argentina.Moonset over the Sierra Nevada mountains, from the Alabama Hills, California.Early morning moonset over the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains, California.Old farm truck, Washington.Buddha figure wrapped in plastic, Bangkok, Thailand.Tufa formations at sunrise, Mono Lake, California.White-tailed eagle, Hokkaido, Japan.The multi-flored atrium of the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Shanghai, China.Saguaro cacti and stormy sunset, Arizona.Summer clouds over the Zumwalt Prairie, Oregon.Mesquite Flats sand dunes and the Grapevine Mountains, Death Valley National Park, California.Lupine, Glacier National Park, Montana.Timber wolf, Minnesota.Wat Arum, the Temple of Dawn, Bangkok, Thailand.Gravel road between wheat and lentil fields, Palouse region of SE Washington.Lobster fishing boats at twilight, Stonington, Maine.Tulips, Oregon.Last light on mesa, Zion National Park, Utah.Bow of a ship.Winter tree, Oregon.Capitol Reef National Park, Utah.Leaves frozen into ice, Zion National Park, Utah.Bearded man, Jodphur, India.United Congregational Church, Little Compton, Rhode Island.Owens River at dawn, near Bishop, California.Camel caravan at sunset, Jaisalmer, India.Office building, Tokyo, Japan.Bristlecone pine, Inyo National Forest, California.Boat and reflection, Venice, Italy.Bond Falls, Michigan.Lobster pot buoys on street sign, Owl's Head, Maine.Looking through Turret Arch at North Window Arch, Arches National Park, Utah.Snow on trees, Oregon.Lenticular cloud at sunset, Alabama Hills, California.Portland Head Lighthouse at dawn, Portland, Maine.In the Catedral de Marmol, Lago Carrera, Chile.FIshing nets piled on dock, Newport, Oregon.Kayaks and dinghy, Southport, Maine.In the Catedral de Marmol, Lago Carrera, ChileSandstone fins at twilight, with the moon and Venus, Arches National Park, Utah.